Five Minutes with Jessica Stam

Modelinia recently sat down with one of my favourite models, Jessica Stam, for a little interview. One of the reasons I love Jessica is because she has quite a personality, and has learned alot from the fashion industry. Here is the interveiw, after the jump!

Who are your favorite designers?
I love Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga. Alber Elbaz. John Galliano. John Galliano, in my opinion, is one of the most talented designers. He’s just a genius at what he does. Designing, coming up with a concept for a show. He’s an absolute mastermind.

Best jeans?
Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans. It’s interesting, oddly enough, because he’s not really known for his jeans. And I love Habitual. Acne. I like every cut. Skinny, wide-leg, boot cut—all of it.

What things in your closet would you never throw away?
I have this… I don’t even know what you’d call it, this old camisole? A silk beigy pink cardigan by Dries Van Noten that I hardly ever wear anymore, but I’ll never throw away. I’ll never throw away my Louboutin pumps—any of them. And I will never throw away this beat up old gray sweatshirt from an ex-boyfriend of mine. We’re still friends.

What do you need to throw out?
I really need get rid of old shoes that I never wear. I have way too many shoes. And jeans. I have to do a spring-cleaning.

What era would you want to bring back?
The seventies. I love the jeans from back then, the wide-leg bell-bottoms. The headbands. The tank tops.

Who is your style icon?
Jane Birkin.

Your favorite store?
Barneys has it all. One store, one stop.

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