Chace Crawford Taps His Inner Viggo Mortensen for Interview

The theme of young women playing icons from other generations has now gone co-ed. For the latest issue of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford pays homage to Viggo Mortensen’s character Nikolai from the 2007 film Eastern Promises. Chace accessorized Tom Ford, Prada, Z Zenga and Dior Homme with the iconic tattoos Mortensen's character donned in the film. Chace also sat down for an interview with Christopher Bollen and discussed his recent decision to leave roomate Ed Westwick. Read excerpts from the interview, and the photos from the shoot, after the jump!

'I hear you just moved out on your old roommate Ed Westwick, What prompted the move?'
"'Yeah. My mom’s here saving my ass, helping me out. She did a little pre-planning on the move, so it went smoothly ... I’m turning 24 in two days, so I think it was about time, you know? I mean, I was a little bit on my own in California but mostly living with fraternity brothers. So initially Ed and I became roommates here in New York because we didn’t know if the show was going to last or not. Ed had never lived away from home, let alone in a different country. We got along and figured it would be a smart move financially. And really, it was also just kind of out of laziness."
About his edgy photoshoot:
“That’s what was nice about doing a shoot like the one I did for Interview. It’s good to switch things up. I did all of this stuff early, and they always wanted the same thing, the same look, the same deal, and I’d think, That’s not what it’s about. It’s the same microcosm for taking on film roles. You have to be realistic with yourself as to what your range is going to be. I look at the veterans of the game and what choices they made. You need to know what your threshold is and what you can take on and what gets to a point where the audience doesn’t believe it. I actually apply that to my personal life, too. I’m the biggest believer in not talking. I don’t Twitter or MySpace or Facebook. I want to keep to myself. I don’t want to be out there. You have to keep some kind of control over who you are.”

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