Experience Chanel Haute Couture in HD!

I always love watching full runway shows on YouTube, but there was always something missing. You got to see the show in its entirety, but you could never see the detailing of the clothing. The days are over. Welcome Youtube HD, which has been around a while, but now fashion shows are being uploaded in HD! Until New York Fashion Week starts in early September, I will write about shows that have previously occurred, and post the YouTube HD videos alongside. The first collection I am going to talk about is Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2009! The show was staged around giant Chanel No.5 bottles, and and reflected the way Madamoiselle Chanel dressed her women. The clothes were undeniably Chanel, LBDs and smart suits, all the signatures that made Chanel a household name. But this time Karl Lagerfeld injected hot shots of red and pink, and even a wedding procession. Lara Stone played the bride with Karl's new muse Baptiste Giabiconi. And to top it off, Karl added a little more Parisian flare with lace stockings. Coco would be proud. After the jump is the full show in two parts. You can see every sequent!

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