Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010: The Bohemian, The Pagan, and The Antiquity

When asked what time period she would like to live in, Diane von Furstenberg quickly chose the days of the Pagans and Antiquity. Her love for that era certainly reflects in her Spring 2010 collection, named "Oasis". Continuing on last season's theme of nomadic living, Diane layers beautifully draped dresses, safari suits, cropped shorts and bold tiger & silk prints to create a luxurious bohemian girl. After adding a temple backdrop, beaded necklaces, floral hairpieces, multicolour bags with baubles and chunky bracelets, the collection was a feast for the eyes, but could you wear it? Diane made sure the individual pieces were very wearable; "I was looking into antiquity for effortless beauty" she explained. Diane also added that the collection was a fantasy of a time period she loves, put it was streamlined to fit into today's world. This collection is definitely one of my favourites from the season so far, give me a young bohemian girl and a dash of ancient civilization and you know I'll go crazy! After the jump are more of my favourite looks from the eye-popping show!

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