Lily, Freja, Raquel, and Vlada On The Street!

Over the past week, models have arrived in New York from all over the world for New York Fashion Week; Street style blogger Altamira was camera ready. Altamira has shot some of the most stylish models like Lily Donaldson, Freja Beha, Vlada Roslyakova, Raquel Zimmermann, and Canadian youngsters Amanda Laine and Taryn Davidson, on their way to castings, shows, fittings and whatever else models run around doing! For a long time I have been a great fan of M.O.D. style. M.O.D, a term coined by Alexander Wang stands for Model Off Duty, the super stylish, super young, mix of old with new and cheap with luxe style that models of today are rocking! I can't wait to see these girls continue in New York, and then on to London, Milan and Paris! See more of the girls after the jump!


  1. Wang didn't come up with the term "models off duty" he just made the look popular...

  2. Sorry I was just quoting what I read in a Vogue article:
    "Alexander Wang coined the term M.O.D.-"model off-duty"- to describe the look of the girl he envisions when he's designing. Superchic but effortless, in that just-got-out-of-bed way. And it's true models seem to have that enviable knack of looking like they threw themselves together with nary a thought but with dynamic results."
    Thanks for the clarification :)