Sasha, Coco, Simon, Sessilee, Anna, and Others Perform in Vogue Italia!

When the covers of Vogue Italia were released last week, the fashion community was left curious about the contents. The covers were quite odd, but now the full editorial Performance by Steven Meisel has been released, and the final product makes much more sense! While the concept of the shoot still doesn't make any sense at all, the shots inside are much better than the cover! Coco Rocha, Sasha Pivovarova, Anna Jagodzinska, Sessilee Lopez, Jamie Bochert, Meghan Collision, and Viktoriya Sasonkina star in the editorial, which appears to be what would happen if Alice took some LSD and if her wonderland was a muddy street alley. To boot, male models Simon Nessman, Max Rogers, Ash Stymest, Will Lewis and Christian Brylle play with the ladies, and dress up as animals! This editorial is one of the most ambitious of the season, and I love it for that! See the full editorial (scanned by Diciassette) after the jump!

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