Balenciaga's Patchwork Sci-Fi Tribe!

Throughout the years, the house of Balenciaga has produced directional collections all over the map, but the one constant is incredibly luxurious and conceptual clothing. With a vast house archive and futuristic fascination, Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière can deliver a sci-fi futuristic collection as well as he can a Parisian Yves Saint Laurent tribute. His Spring 2010 collection was in many aspects near middle ground for the designer. With a magpie of references (none literal, in true Ghesquière fashion) the nearest description of the collection words can form is a patchwork warrior from a sci-fi tribe. Another futuristic collection may not have seemed innovative, but the youthfulness and wearability of the clothing was new territory for Ghesquière.
The start of the show looked like what would happen if Alexander Wang had a top Paris atelier working under him. Hooded vests and skin-tight denim appeared at first look, but after a second glance the charm and mesmerizing details of Balenciaga was prevalent. The jeans were actually vegetable-dyed leather, and the hoodie was jersey, leather and nylon foam. Similar detailing was applied to paneled vests and skirts. The cocktail dresses (the highlight of any Balenciaga show) didn’t disappoint either. Mini-kilts, shifts and tunics were adorned with patchwork of silk, nylon, and leather in ravishing colours, including lime, pink, orange, turquoise and yellow. One of my favourite pieces was a pair of pants that looked like they walked off a Jackson Pollock painting. After the jump, see my favourite looks from the impossibly chic collection!


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