Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

When I was younger I was the biggest WASP ever. Private school? Check! Tennis lessons? Check! Sunday school? Check! Yacht club? Check! Sometimes I even surprise myself at how much I’ve changed. It’s interesting that my revulsion towards sailing and tennis didn’t fizzle my love for the classic clothing of the sports. My introduction to fashion came from the store Sporting Life (a huge WASP’s nest) where sporting goods and high-end sportswear were sold. I remember one night when I spent hours getting a ski boot moulded to my foot, I wandered over to the Lacoste and Ralph Lauren boutiques. At that point I knew nothing about fashion, but I knew I wanted to look like the models in the ad campaign posters that lined the walls.

I also recall another instance(a few summers ago) when I saw the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon collection, and I immediately fell in love with the white cabled v-neck sweater with a stripe around the neck and an emblem on the chest. I searched all over Toronto for my beloved sweater, and finally was told that the Wimbledon collection wasn’t being sold in Canada. All hope was lost, until last December when my Mom was shopping in Florida and frantically called me on the phone:

Mom:” I’m at Ralph Lauren and there’s a huge sale! Is there anything you want for Christmas”
Ted: “Well do they have any sweaters?”
Mom:”Yes of course, be more specific.”
Ted: “Do they have any white v-neck sweaters?”
Mom: “Yes there are some right in front of me.”
Ted: “Are they cabled? Do they have an emblem on the left breast and a stripe around the neck?”
Mom: “As a matter of fact they do!"

So that’s the (rather long) story of my prized sweater pictured above. I bought the white and blue striped shirt this August at the Gap, after seeing how great it looked on Andrew Cooper in the F/W 2009 ad campaign. The jeans are from Topman, in London. Most of the time I like to dress very urban and sleek, but from time to time I love letting out my inner WASP. The song I chose to share with you today is “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by Vampire Weekend. I played this song nonstop at my cottage this summer, and whenever it pops up on my iPod, I am instantly transported to a sunny, sandy beach with the wind blowing through my hair.

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