Down On The Scene

About a year ago, I started following street style blogs religiously. I started off following The Sartorialist, then Jak & Jil, Street Pepper, Altamira, and Style Sightings quickly followed. I was hooked on the impossibly chic and glamorous men and women. The incredibly skinny jeans, the teetering stilettos, tight jackets and blazers; these people photographed were the epitome of young effortless style.
If my house caught on fire and I was allowed to take one clothing item with me, it would be the leather jacket pictured above. I saw many motorcycle jackets on street style blogs and I was in love. Like on Jared Leto (left), Freja Beha (right) and Lily Donaldson (far right) the jackets were so kick-ass and cool. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a jacket like this in Toronto, so I picked up this jacket while strolling through Camden Town in London. It was originally belted and came with lots of tassels, but some scissors quickly made the jacket more masculine.
The shirt I’m wearing is from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, and is my take on the fabulous grey shirts I saw on the Spring 2010 runways (like Alexander Wang, upper left). In hindsight, I wish I bought two, one to wear regularly, and one to put bullet holes in, like the Balmain menswear t-shirts. I’m wearing Levi’s 511 ultra skinny jeans I got at Over The Rainbow (the best place for denim in Toronto!) which complete my street style look. The song which represents the mood of my outfit is a mashup of Jimi Hendrix’sFoxy Lady” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. The mashup is incredibly fierce, and was mixed specially for the Versace F/W 2006/07 show. What do you think of my outfit?


  1. I LOVE streetstyle too

  2. beautiful pictures.Love the jeans.

    by the way if you enjoy sartorialist you will enjoy this blog too.

  3. I Love this pic, and the outifits in it! :)

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