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When I started blogging my goal was to practice writing, as well as to have a place to put all of my thoughts and feelings. For the most part, I cover fashion as an outsider, and rarely post about myself. I am always open to feedback, and several readers requested that I write more about myself! So for the next little while I am going to write about both my own fashion aesthetics and style alongside covering industry news and events. I hope you will get to know be better as a person, and understand why I love fashion!

This is the first instalment of a series where I will write about my daily outfits, and where I got my inspiration from. Some references and inspiration are very linear, while others are obscure and abstract. To create a multi-sense experience, I will include a song that I think embodies the outfit, so before you start reading, click play on the toolbar! Also, click the image to get a closer look at my inspirations!

My first outfit is comprised of clothes I have accumulated over a few years. The grey blazer was a gift from my parents for Christmas this year. I always loved grey blazers, they are very sophisticated and sleek, but have more warmth and character compared to a plain black blazer. I first noticed a grey blazer in a photograph of JFK and Jackie O. on the cover of Vanity Fair November 2007. Then I saw more grey blazers on the catwalks of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Michael Kors; I had to have one!

I’ve had this dress shirt for years, and I continue to wear it on a regular basis. I don’t wear much colour, but the burgundy is very refined and contemporary. I like to think the shirt has a very Parisian feel, and reminds me of the Lanvin menswear Fall 2009 show. The shirt also has very subtle vertical pinstripes. Both the blazer and shirt are from H&M.

I got my black corduroy pants from Topman in London, last October on my first trip to Britain. They fit perfect, and are very comfortable. You can wear them with nearly everything! I am also wearing two necklaces. The first is a chain with a few ornaments on it, including a miniature postcard, key, and transit token. The second is an Irish pendant my friend gave to me a few summers ago. I only wear “sentimental” jewelry that I keep for years. I first started wearing jewelry when I noticed how well Johnny Depp wore pendants and trinkets. He always wore special pieces, and kept it very masculine.

The song which embodies my outfit is “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part II” by My Morning Jacket. My friend showed me this song a few months ago, and I have listened to it nonstop. I love how the song starts off very basic, but when the instruments are put together it creates something beautiful, modern, and poetic. I like to think that the individual pieces in my wardrobe are basic, but when paired together also produce something modern and poetic.

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