Couture Spring 2010: Past, Present and Future!

Last week, designers debuted their Spring 2010 couture collections in Paris, and the only consistency seemed to be the inconsistency! While some designers charged forward with futuristic collections, others worked on refining and redefining classical couture. Regardless on which extreme of the spectrum the clothes fell, the designs which faired best were extreme... extreme couture! Below are my takes on my four favourite collecions.
Giorgio Armani's clothes for his three fashion lines (Armani Privé, Giorgio Armani, and Emporio Armani) are loved and respected across the globe. Although he is not my favourite designer, I must admit: When he does it right, he really does it right! For Spring 2010 couture (pictured above) Giorgio drew inspiration from the moon, telling Sarah Mower:"I always need a hook to get into a collection, and that was it—thinking about something romantic and dreamy, far away from our everyday life. Something less harsh." Giorgio offered futuristic (yet refined) reinventions of the suit, LBD (à la Audrey Hepburn, plus a cape!) and red carped dresses. My favourite looks from the collection were Vlada Roslyakova in a moon-shaped dress, and Karlie Kloss' moon petal dress. Lady GaGa wore one of Armani's futuristic designs to the Grammy's last night, solidifying the red carpet potential of these dresses!
Read my takes on Christian Dior, Chanel, and Givenchy after the jump!

For quite some time, John Galliano's designs for Christian Dior were extreme, youthful and the epitome of avant-garde. However, for the last few years Galliano's designs have been reinventions (and sometimes borderline re-creations) of Dior's famous designs from the 20th century, particularity the New Look. This season, Galliano injected the classic designs with a hot shot of equestrian! From whips and riding jackets to stable flower dresses, riding has never looked so chic.
Karl Lagerfeld always seems to evolve Chanel in the most unexpected, yet understandable ways. Each season is a step forward, but never a leap. This season, the biggest shockers were the Minnie Mouse hair, and the absence of black and navy! "It's the first time in my whole career I've done a collection without black or navy. There's not one gold button" said Lagerfeld. Grecian draped dresses, and classic Chanel skirt suits paraded down the runway in pastels with silver accents, creating the look of what the (well dressed) child of Aphrodite and Anakin Skywalker would wear. However, the clothes managed to have a simplicity and wearability vital to a successful collection.
Ricardo Tisci's designs at Givenchy were perhaps the most extreme and unexpected seen throughout all of couture week! The collection was unmistakeable futuristic "I was scared of couture at the beginning, and reacted by staying away from looking at the past at all," Tisci told His use of ruffles, feathers, pleating and pattern beg to clothes to be photographed on the red-carpet, on young stars like Lady GaGa or Beyonce.

Which couture collection was your favourite?

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