Electric Feel

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One of my favourite aspects of fashion today is the democracy of it; for instance, when high fashion designers create capsule collections for low-priced chain stores. H&M revolutionized this trend, collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, and many other designers. This concept gave me my first taste of Matthew Williamson, through his collection for H&M last spring. I was always a fan of Matthew's work at Pucci and his namesake label, he used colour in the most sophisticated and fun ways. In my closet, I do more experimentation through shape and silhouette, rather than colour; so colours as bold as Matthew's are a big step for me. I paired my Matthew Williamson t-shirt (a psychedelic print of two peacocks) with a bright green cashmere cardigan from Ralph Lauren. The green in the cardigan matches perfectly with the green elements of the shirt, giving a cool look.

My inspiration from this outfit came from many directions. I first fell in love with psychedelic, bohemian prints a few years ago with the Mario Testino editorial "Trail Blazers" for British Vogue. The editorial stars Daria Werbowy (left) and Lily Donaldson (bottom left) in a South American village, and shows how a rainbow of colours can be worn in the most beautiful ways. I also loved the ad campaign for Flora by Gucci (bottom right) starring Abbey Lee, which had a similar bohemian floral feel. I was never a huge fan of green, but when I saw a model wearing a green cardigan in GQ's spotlight on Andre 3000's clothing line Benjamin Bixby (top left), I became confident enough to wear it. I bought the cardigan at Saks Fifth Avenue in Florida. The song "Electric Feel" by MGMT perfectly embodies the free-spirited, bohemian feel of my outfit. Click the youtube clip above to hear the song!

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  1. I think you kinda sorta look like Garrett… :P

    You should model.

    I have a green cardigan just like this one and I love it!