Empire State of Mind

Ever since I picked up my first Vogue as a pre-teen, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I want to move to New York City and become a fashion writer for a newspaper or magazine. I want to attend all the fashion shows, and get to meet all the amazing and creative people in the industry! I know my dream won't come without hard work, so I am doing as much as I can do in high school to prepare for a life as a fashion writer. I was a fashion producer of my school's fashion show, the junior editor of my school's newspaper, and the owner of my very own blog. By no means do I think I know everything about fashion and writing, but I believe that the more I involve myself and practice, the better prepared I will be when the time comes to apply to universities, internships, jobs, ect.

People always ask me "Why New York? It’s so expensive and dirty". If Paris is the City of Light, to me NYC is the City of Dreams. From the diverse architecture (Greenwich Village brownstones are my favourite), to the dining (Pastis and Da Silvano!) and shopping (Bergdorf’s, Barneys and Saks) New York wouldn’t be more perfect if I created it myself. And that goes without mentioning that New York is the fashion and media capital of the Western Hemesphere. In my future, it’s The Big Apple or Bust!

Today, I layered my I Love New York shirt with a slim black blazer, which is a staple in any wardrobe. A black blazer is appropriate for any occasion: a rolled up blazer is almost always better than a hoodie when worn casually, and can be worn with virtually every dress shirt in your closet for a more sophisticated look. You don't need to spend a fortune either, this H&M blazer cost $79, and will last me years. I so often find myself wearing white shirts and black blazers, you can’t go wrong! Look at Dree Hemingway (top left) and Noah Mills (bottom right); always edgy, always classic. My American Apparel acid wash jeans finish off the outfit, giving the basic pieces a bold contrast. Not one thing in my outfit costs over $100! About a year and a half ago, my friend Emma introduced me to Cat Power, and her song "New York"(a cover of Frank Sinatra's) and I was hooked! The lyrics speak to me, and I love the sophistocated vibe of the song. Take a listen above!

What do you think of my cheap and chic outfit? Leave your response in a comment!


  1. Im 0% American but Ive always wanted a "I heart NY" shirt. Theyre very cool.

  2. love the outfit, I was very close to wearing my "I <3 Paris" t today but didnt =[

    I never understand peoples aversion to new york - it's the biggest city in the world! Living in little sydney it's a bit hard to comprehend, haha.