Fresh Cover Girls: Agyness, Alexa, Lindsay, Keira & Abbey!

The first spring fashion issues of magazines across the globe are starting to pour in, and so far, I'm impressed by the diversity and beauty of the covers. Alexa Chung and Keira Knightley are both fresh faced and simple on their covers (Vogue UK and US Elle, respectively). But I couldn't help but notice how similarly styled the covers are. Both covers feature classic boyfriend blazers and blue dress shirts with bold, youthful pants. I love both covers, but I prefer the quirky pose in Alexa's cover.
Next we see Abbey Lee's two covers for Pop, the avant garde British fashion magazine. The covers (shot by Richard Prince) showcases classic (albeit predictable) Abbey Lee, as the wild, natural, Australian flower child she is. I prefer the outdoor shot of her gazing and lounging on the motorcycle over the indoor, blank-stare cover.
Perhaps the oddest cover this month is Lindsay Lohan shot by Terry Richardson for Purple, where for the Spring Summer 2010 issue, Lindsay is depicted as Christ. I am getting tired of tacky Lindsay-role-playing covers, I wasn’t a fan of her playing Marilyn Monroe, and I am certainly not a fan of her playing Jesus Christ.
Agyness Deyn (alongside Jamie Bochert and Daphne Guinness) marks her return to modeling on the cover of the new Vogue Italia, shot by Steven Meisel. The issue’s theme is individuality, and these three women certainly have enough individuality to go around. Agyness and Jamie are both popular models due to their unconventional looks, and quirky personalities; while Daphne, (Guinness heir, part of the Warhol scene, and an ex-wife of Greek shipping heir Spyros Niarchos) has taken the fashion world by storm with her extreme style. She was the first person to wear Alexander McQueen’s infamous Armadillo shoes in public, and maintains a style inconceivable by anyone else.
Now I turn the floor to you, which cover was your favourite? Check out all the covers, and leave your comment after the jump!


  1. I really dont like Alexa Chung. She has the most uninspired style and has an extremely boring face. Im not sure what the big fuss is.

    Keira however is like a beacon of beauty, Im not sure how anyone can look past her.

    Im surprised to see Agyness. Didnt she retire from modelling or something?

  2. I actually love Lindsay Lohan's cover the most. Maybe it's just my extreme love for all things Purple Fashion, but I think it's just the pure awesomeness. I don't really get the LiLo hate, but everybody has an opinion. I am also looking forward to Lindsay's interview (if there is one). Maybe she'll talk about her being a designer at Emanuel Ungaro.