Frida Giannini's Greatest Hits at Gucci Fall 2010!

If you know me, you know that I love Gucci! When people ask me my favourite designers, Frida Giannini for Gucci always makes the shortlist. I first fell in love with Gucci during Frida’s seventies luxurious equestrian meets folkloric bohemian a la Anita Pallenberg movement of Fall 2008. From there, Frida took us to an exotic safari for Spring 2009 with Veruschka, then to one of Tina Chow’s nights dancing at Studio 54. Finally for Spring 2010, the Gucci girl transformed into a hard-edged bondage athlete. Although Frida’s designs may seem OCD, there are themes that occur throughout, and her customers are always young, sexy, trendy women. Her Fall 2010 collection brought together all of the elements Frida has been developing over the past few seasons.
 The show started with cream and gray dresses, presumably winterized versions of the gorgeous Spring dresses in the same colours. Frida also incorporated her signature tailored pant, this season in boot-cut. Thigh-high boots from fall 2009 remained, and when matched with the glorious fox vests and fur coats, give the same rocker-chic feel we know and love from Gucci. Fresh touches like ombre fur and patterned stocking gave something new for the Gucci girl to pair with her short, shiny and embellished dresses. Overall, the collection will sit well with regular Gucci fans, and offers more refined and sophisticated options for a new fan base. What do you think of Gucci’s latest collection? Leave your thoughts after the jump!

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