Remembering Alexander McQueen

As you all have heard, legendary designer Alexander McQueen has passed away. The designer committed suicide yesterday (February 11th 2010), after the death of his mother last week. McQueen wasn't your average designer, he had distinct and incomparable designs. What I loved most about him was his ability to pull emotions from captivated audiences everywhere, which transcended through his plethora of styles. From gothic, to futuristic, to romantic, McQueen covered everything, at the height of fashion. Recently, it was McQueen’s futuristic designs that shook the fashion industry, but my fondest memory of him came a few years ago.
It was the Fall 2008 season, one of the first seasons on my fashion radar, McQueen showed one of the most romantic, poetic and beautiful collections of all time. The collection was inspired by a tranquil trip to India, turned upside down by an elm tree. McQueen explained, “"I've got a 600-year-old elm tree in my garden and I made up this story of a girl who lives in it and comes out of the darkness to meet a prince and become a queen” The conceptual basis helped modernize the largely historical collection, inspired by Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington, and the Indian Empire. The most exquisite and detailed dresses paraded around the runway, and I am proud to say that this collection has defined my aesthetic of fashion.
A truly great fashion collection makes you love fashion more, and that is exactly what Alexander McQueen did. He showed me how fashion can inspire, the way fashion can amaze, and how fashion can give hope. McQueen’s emotion was only matched by his talent, which makes him one of the iconic fashion designers in history. His designs transcend seasons, proving that his clothes are not hype, rather inspirational pieces of art. Although he may have left us on earth, his legacy will live in our hearts forever. God Save McQueen.

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