Balmain Fall 2010: Baroque 'n' Roll!

As many of you may have noticed, my coverage of Paris Fashion Week has been pretty dismal. This is due to two reasons: first, I have been very busy at school the past week; and second, to be frank, the collections haven't been that great. With very few exceptions, designers have either stayed safe, doing what they always do (treading on stale), or on the other hand, presented a very bold, incoherent gimmicky collection. While Balmain Fall 2010 is most definitely an example of the former, I still cannot get enough of the signature Balmain look!
This season, head designer Christophe Decarnin didn't bring much change, but if everything is going well, is change really necessary? The theme of the collection took form in a collision of Louis XIV Baroque era dressing and 80s Dynasty shapes and proportions. The shapes were classic Balmain, pointy shoulders, long sleeves, cutaway dresses and deep-Vs, but Christophe also included clothes which could potentially pass as work wear, a first for him. Beautiful double breasted bootcut pantsuits offered a very refined Balmain look, without feeling out-of-place.
The colour palette was mainly comprised of golds and blacks, which looked especially beautiful when paired together in brocades on dresses and pants. The gold came in all sorts of textures, from chunky, rough, embellished fabrics to slick and flowy lame gowns. Shades of purple were injected into the collection to give some colour to play with, and studded belts offered an entry-level priced option for first-time Balmain customers. Overall, the collection wasn't new territory for Balmain, which leaves the world wondering: What can Christophe do next? Leave your thoughts about the collection, after the jump!

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