Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010: Beautiful Sicilian Heritage

For quite some time, Dolce & Gabbana was on the forefront of trendy, flashy, avant-garde fashion; with each collection seemingly more obscure than the last. This all came to an end at Spring 2010, where the Italian duo took a trip down memory lane. “Sicilian Fantasies” best described the collection, which was D&G’s most wearable, poetic, and sophisticated collection in years. Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have stuck to the Sicilian formula for fall, offering a wide array of sensual Sicilian clothing.
The show started off with newly proportioned blazers paired with black lace slips and bloomers, infusing D&G’s signature masculine vs. feminine dichotomy into the collection. Other Dolce staples, including whispy hair, plump red lips, and simple black pumps all added longevity and tradition to the collection. Chiffon or lace dresses featuring lingerie underpinnings and shapes contrasted beautifully with heavy, thick knitwear. Although most components of the collection were Dolce classics, there were also some very new aspects. For instance, I loved the gold chainmail, which from far away looked like textured leopard print. I also loved the newly proportioned black skirt suit paired with a black bra.

Perhaps my favourite part of the collection was the rich, sophisticated colour palette. Deep reds, lemons, aged golds and pale blues gave the heavily black collection shots of fresh air, and looked incredible layered underneath black lace dresses. I also loved the winter florals, which varied from bold geisha flowers to flowy Renaissance watercolour florals. The collection wasn’t a huge change from last season, but it is understandably why Stefano and Domenico would want to stick to their heritage, which hit the fashion jackpot.

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