My First Street Style Shoot!

I know I've been inactive for quite a while, but as promised I've returned! Not only was I been very busy with school, but I was planning, styling, and shooting my first street style photo shoot! With help from my great friend (and great photographer!) Julia Hamer, I was able to leave my (awkward against a white wall) self portraits behind, and take my blog to a whole new level. The shots you see here will be the focus of many blog posts to come; each post will focus on the inspiration and ideas behind a certain outfit! Although my shoot wasn't entirely flawless, I can live with a few distracting shadows, awkward poses, and belt-less shorts. I was very pleased with the results from my first shoot, considering all these were shot in only one hour; and I hope you enjoy them too! I had a great time with this shoot, and it has re-confirmed that fashion journalism is my enjoyment and dream! Leave your thoughts of the shoot in a comment, it is much appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. It looks good!

    Gone by the board is your strongest shot, I think the last one is the weakest.

    You may want to think about shopping out the full licence plate number… unless it's not your jeep…

    Keep it up!