Josef Sudek: The Legacy of a Deeper Vision

Yesterday Barbara and I attended a Curators’ Circle evening at the Art Gallery of Ontario, focusing on the work of Czech photographer Josef Sudek in his retrospective exhibition at the gallery.

Josef Sudek Art Gallery of Ontario
Studying some of Josef Sudek's work at AGO's First Thursdays earlier this month.
Our name tags.
Sudek spent the majority of his career (spanning from WII to his death in the 1970s) photographing still life and vistas around Prague. Sudek’s work pioneered the artistic use of glassware and windows through texture, backlighting and framing. My favourite photographs include damp cityscapes of Prague at dawn and dark Czech forests, illuminated by light peaking through treetops. The evening included
insights by artists, critics and academics, and we also had the chance to view the rest of the AGO after hours. We got to spend some private time with some of our favourite pieces, including works by Franz Kline and Andy Warhol. Josef Sudek: The Legacy of a Deeper Vision runs through April 7th 2013 at The Art Gallery of Ontario.

Barbara Frum Franz Kline Cupola
Barbara Frum with Franz Kline's Cupola.
Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra
With Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.

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