The Return of Girls!

I had the pleasure of meeting Allison Williams last month at the Girls launch party hosted by National Post columnist Shinan Govani at Toronto’s House of Moments.

Shinan Govani and Allison Williams
Shinan Govani and Allison Williams

Every great television series requires multiple seasons to blossom into its entirety, and HBO’s darling show Girls is no different. The show’s early skeptics (myself included) questioned the four leading ladies’ lacking complexity and found issue with their tireless self-pity (over their multitude of first world problems). The show’s constant comparison to (perhaps the most brilliant show about “girls” ever) Sex and the City, set the standard high for this next generation show. However to compare a daring first season to the totality that is five seasons of Sex and the City is unfair.
Girls has became quite the phenomenon, and everyone has their opinions: People either love it or loathe it. It was no wonder then, that both the public and the show’s visionary Lena Dunham were equally surprised when the show took home Golden Globes last Sunday for both best series and best lead actress for a musical/comedy. That same night, following the Globes, Girls’ second season premiered. If the first episode was any indicator of what’s to come this season, season two is armed and prepared to put all its past cynics to rest. No spoiler alert necessary, some critical character development seems promising this season, especially with my favourite character: Allison Williams’ Marnie.
I had the pleasure of meeting Williams last month at the Girls launch party hosted by National Post columnist Shinan Govani at Toronto’s House of Moments. Girls fans, including Greta Constantine’s Stephen Wong, The Room’s Nicholas Mellamphy, and TV personality Jonathan Nathaniel, sipped Girls themed drinks before Williams took the stage. Alongside the “Hannah”, “Jessa”, and “Shoshanna”, the “Marnie” cocktail (a blend of hazelnut liqueur, chocolate raspberry vodka, and lemon) was particularly lethal.
Williams’ Yale education was apparent as she gracefully yet openly responded to some probing live interview questions from Govani. Candid on topics ranging from clothing and footwear, to the Girls’ relation to Sex and the City, Williams remained tight-lipped about what was to come from her character in the second season. She did however, promise that big changes were in store for Marnie, who would be thrown from her ‘picture perfect’ character in the first season.  And Williams wasn’t kidding: throughout most of season two’s first episode, we both laughed at and pitied Marnie, and mostly at the same time.
For all who haven’t experienced Girls yet, or gave up through season one, season two is definitely a treat and worth thirty minutes of your Sunday. Girls airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO and HBO Canada.

Shinan Govani interviewing Allison Williams
Shinan Govani interviewing Allison Williams

Barbara Frum Edward Ted Wilson
Barbara Frum and me at the Girls launch party.

Barbara Frum Allison Williams Edward Wilson
With Barbara Frum and Allison Williams

Allison Williams Oscar de la Renta
Allison Williams stunning in an Oscar de la Renta dress.

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